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old, needs repair, yet still runs
i buy mama cass

try to restore her
cass serves on some adventures
i own my first car

errands, commute, life
i sing with the radio
prepare for grad school

i pack, we depart
ride, steadfast steed! ohio!
then troubles begin

limping home in snow
mechanic tends with great care
manage to return

all circuits shorting
time, patience, and money spent
a decision made

lost independence
car upon the auction block
now i ride the bus

mama cass is gone
cranky chrysler that i sold
only plates remain

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Latest reply: Mar 10, 2003


Well, today is Thanksgiving and I'm currently killing time until going over to a friend's house for the dinner. I decided to see what the Guide had to say on the holiday and was surprised by the cynical and acerbic entries.

Yes, we eat a lot. Yes, some people watch football. Yes, today's holiday only remotely resembles the first one that the Pilgrims had when they were thankful to be alive.

However, that doesn't mean that the holiday has lost all meaning. My family and my friends' families see it as a way for the extended family to get together and enjoy each others' company while sharing a good meal. And we truly are thankful for what we've got. If you can't go home (like me this year) then you get together with your friends, and be thankful that you have them to share with.

We were never big sports fans in my house (although we might watch the Macy's parade while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking). After the meal we'd either watch a movie together or play card games.

As for the excess of food- true you can't eat it all at one sitting, but what isn't eaten doesn't get thrown away. We can eat for up to a week off the leftovers, and there are plenty of recipies devoted to creative use of the food to stretch it out. Many charities also collect food donations at this time. Yes, we should be concerned with feeding the hungry year-round but at least this brings some visibility to an issue that is often ignored.

I'm just irritated that everyone's so quick to associate everything American with commercialism. Yes, it bothers me too that they put Christmas decorations out after Halloween in some stores but we're not all thoughtless greedy consumers, thank you very much.

*steps down off soapbox* There. Got that out of my system. Didn't bother posting to the actual entries themselves since most of them date to '99 and the authors' pages have been updated since. Maybe I'll write my own entry on the holiday..

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Latest reply: Nov 28, 2002


Well, I can now say that I've tried Vegemite.

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Latest reply: Oct 13, 2002


I tried to donate blood today since they were having a blood drive at the uni (right next to my dorm, no less).

Due to recent changes in the restrictions, I'm no longer eligible to donate for the forseeable future because I've lived in Europe for more than 6 months since 1980.

This is ridiculous- at the rate they're going, there'll be no one left who's eligible to donate.


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Latest reply: Oct 12, 2002

Works in progress

I know, I said in my intro that I'm not going to be contributing any edited Guide entries anytime soon. Well, I'm still not really- it's Whiskey's entry on translation but I'm helping out.

I only use the Journal to post my progress on Guide entries since I rely on a separate blog for my personal diary. I've been randomly reading other researchers' entries, and it's amazing what sort of stuff people put in theirs.

wish I had more time to hang out here and explore the worlds-within-worlds that seem to exist at H2G2 but alas the demands of school don't permit it. Sigh.

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Latest reply: Oct 11, 2002

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