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Hi Nireena,

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Hi there, just a quick note to smiley - grovel and apologise for keeping your Web Browser Cookies entry hanging around for so long.

I've been snowed under at work and haven't managed to get it done, so rather than you having to wait too long I've asked anna to hand it over to another sub-ed with a little more time on their hands.

Its now with U35204 - The apprentice who I hope will have more time than I do at the moment.

Once again, sorry for keeping you hanging around

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Hi Nireena,

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Hi Whiskey! No problem- I can understand about being busy. I've actually been dormant on H2G2 for a couple weeks now m'self. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do about the cookies one. Don't know if I'm going to incorporate those last-minute critiques or not. *sigh* Amazing how much controversy it managed to spark.

smiley - cheers

Hi Nireena,

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To be honest, I was quite happy as it stood, I think the mere sound of the word 'cookie' tends to bring out the smiley - monster in some people

smiley - silly Would that make them a cookie monster then smiley - groan

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