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Footsore Polisher Hobbling In...

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Trin Tragula

Oo, the effort. You wouldn't believe the hours and even days of backbreaking effort I've lavished on...

Hmmm. That's not going to run, is it?

As it stands, rightly left entirely alone (well, there were a couple of spaces but that's it):


So, queries.

>>ferrero rochet<< - Deliberate misspelling?

Near the end: >>you haven't got your car key there?<< - Capital 'Y'?

The two occasions where you've indicated emphasis with '_are_' - this might just be me, but I couldn't see why those couldn't be done with either italics or bold instead. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing it. I mean, the variation is quite nice. Just thought I'd mention it.

Footsore Polisher Hobbling In...

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Sitting on the stair

Deliberate misspelling? Of course. Just for something to polish up. you know?

Capital Y, yes. Emphases - were done that way out of lack of thinking about any other way. The first piece, now second, I used bold. Might be better the more usual way, do you want to decide on that as Chief Polisher?

Talking of the first piece now being second, do you think they're better the other way round? I've swithered about changing them back. I switched them because I stuck them in the AWW on Valentines day.

The title got changed then too, think it was something like 'Twice down the aisle in Lidls' before.

smiley - love I went to Lidls yesterday.Hadn't been there for over a week. I got a pointed cabbage, some peaches and a bar of 70% cocoa chocolate.

I nearly got a variety pack of kitchen hanging gadgets but resisted. The rawlplugs put me off, just wasn't in the mood for rawlplugs.

Footsore Polisher Hobbling In...

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Trin Tragula

Ambassador, wiz zese deliberate misspellings you are spoiling eurssss...

Chief Polisher? Wow. I'm having that put on a t-shirt. That they were originally the other way round makes sense of that, I think and - decision! - I will put them in bold/italics as applicable. Unless the author has a change of mind and orders me not to smiley - biggrin

Had a look, had a think - actually, no, I think they're better that way round. Largely because of "I'll come shopping with you in Lidl's anytime" - I think that works best sticking out in the middle, it would be a bit... 'pat' at the end of the whole thing?

The title, on the other hand... Oo, that's really up to you. I'm used to it as is - but I think it works because it doesn't make the relation between the two parts altogether clear. More puzzling, which I like. As well as it making it seem that the second part is February the 14th, with all the appropriateness of that, seeing as how it's a lovesong to Lidls.

You can never have too many rawlplugs. But they're never, ever the size you want at the time. My bathroom shelves are currently held up with dowling and little plugs of paper. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Really should get myself down to Lidls and acquire the right ones.

Footsore Polisher Hobbling In...

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Sitting on the stair

There, I knew you had better perspective. You're right about patness. And the title as is too.

Thanks for having a think, and thanks for the polishing. The italics and bold look better.

The rawlplugs and dowels I'll disagree on though. You haven't seen my collection of rawlplugs. I've got everything from tiny wimpy MFI plastic ones to four inch steel expanding bolt ones. My kitchen cupboards are all fixed with the steel bolt sort - I don't trust MFI's little plastic ones. Not after what happened to Aunt May's entire set of crockery and china...

And dowels - they go in with broken matchsticks here.

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