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Why Cabbages?

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It seems to be Cabbage Week this week.

(Verm introduced Scrof to Runescape, and as far as I can tell that's all about cabbages too)

Why Cabbages?

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Sitting on the stair

They're good for throwing. Nice size, weight... lettice is too soft, tomatoestoo messy, turnips too heavy...(and I really like that picture of them).

I was in the middle of planting more. They're a bit regimented at the moment.

Runescape is about cabbages? Sure you're not mixing it up with Crackerjack?

Why Cabbages?

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Sitting on the stair

Finished, that's a big enough cabbage patch for now. They're links too. The first to your DIY on painting walls. I've been generally redecorating - here and other place. Seemed about time.

No meet then? I shall doing a bit of London with the Prez 2nd half of next week smiley - cool.

Why Cabbages?

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Sitting on the stair

Going back to why cabbages ... think it's also an antidote to poetry thing smiley - erm.

I wonder how an ode to a cabbage might work? Fried up with potato and bacon, it is poetry.

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