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It is now ten after eight PM, military time

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I use military time on my cellaphone because I work what is known as the "graveyard shift".

So, if I'm having trouble sleeping, or I am just clock-watching, I get the odd sensation of time travel on a daily basis because we have now reached the advanced part of existence where the past is piling up on us.

So, 2010, which would have just been a fantasy when military time was first instituted, is now just a fact. 1927, on the other hand, which was when I woke up this evening, is so far in the past that it requires an extensive search online and at the library before it matters. 1059 is a legend, and 0033, is biblical in it's remoteness.

Some years do not exist, of course, in this scale of time, so my birth year, 1962, would have to be found in another scale of sorts. I haven't bothered to investigate that yet.

So, while people yelled and screamed about a "new year" last night, it was just another minute to me...

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It is now ten after eight PM, military time

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