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Cajun Macaroni

My dad didn't mind pasta. Tomatoes, however , gave him heartburn. He preferred his pasta with a brown gravy, roux based and no tomatoes.

I just finished cooking a small batch with chicken.

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Been sorting through some. smiley - book

smiley - chefIt's not just the food, smiley - burgersmiley - cakesmiley - teabut the origins and the stories of them being made and for who.

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Youtube and music...

A couple of nights ago I found a video of best of 1976 music.
I won't put the link, but I will put my fb comment about it.

Queen, The Eagles, Wings, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Hall and Oates... and even Nazareth. Beyond that Can't stand the rest of it. Paul Mc Cartney could have sung the alphabet and been more entertaining than the rest. Flashbacks to the commute to school when all we had was am radio.

About the Glenn Miller song 'In the Mood':
Our band marched to this in 1985. We practiced over summer vacation. We practiced every week of marching season. This song became so ingrained that when the band played in the stands we danced in front, the charleston more or less. Ten or so years later I was working with Mike and Evelyn who had both been there for this. Evelyn had earworm issues with this song. Mike had to save her from it a few times by whistling the part she had stuck to the end.

The Eagles, Glenn Fry or Don Henley?

Favorite Beatle?

Disco or Country or anything else.... at all?

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Almost 20

I found h2g2 in 1999. Started posting in 2000.

Give or take a few months or a year here and there I have been around most of that time.

I have been trolled (bored people with nothing else to do, I guess), flamed(jealous person) and even had sock puppets three of which that stand out the most and not just to me.

In all that time and in more than one account, which I have explained already, I have never had a post of mine covered or removed.

Not too bad for close to 20 years.

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''Top Gun''

I have no idea how many times I have seen this movie. But, it's next on CMT. As it is 'fund raising week' on PBS, I had to find something else to watch instead of the usual Sunday line up.

The first time I saw 'Top Gun' was about two weeks after it hit the theaters in 1986. It was the weekend after school had finished for the Summer and I went with a friend, who I didn't know had been considering the USAF, until he saw that movie and realized he was not that comfortable with heights or the idea of falling from them (as he put it).

Two weeks later another friend brought a little 6 week old puppy from her aunt's dog to my house. It took us thirty minutes to name the puppy. He ignored the usual dog names, didn't even twitch and ear at all the names of singers, writers, even Dickens. So, friend asks what the most recent movie and who was in it? Tom!, nope... Merlyn, nope, Cougar, nope Goose... nothing. Maverick! The puppy hopped over to me. Friend says 'Maverick' puppy trots to her. And Maverick he was for the next 17 years.

Top Gun hit the American Movie Classic network when the dog was about 15. Every time someone said 'Maverick' on the screen, the dog twitched his ears.

Merlyn was to be the name of the black labrador I got from the man who lived next door in 1994.

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