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Youtube and music...

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A couple of nights ago I found a video of best of 1976 music.
I won't put the link, but I will put my fb comment about it.

Queen, The Eagles, Wings, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Hall and Oates... and even Nazareth. Beyond that Can't stand the rest of it. Paul Mc Cartney could have sung the alphabet and been more entertaining than the rest. Flashbacks to the commute to school when all we had was am radio.

About the Glenn Miller song 'In the Mood':
Our band marched to this in 1985. We practiced over summer vacation. We practiced every week of marching season. This song became so ingrained that when the band played in the stands we danced in front, the charleston more or less. Ten or so years later I was working with Mike and Evelyn who had both been there for this. Evelyn had earworm issues with this song. Mike had to save her from it a few times by whistling the part she had stuck to the end.

The Eagles, Glenn Fry or Don Henley?

Favorite Beatle?

Disco or Country or anything else.... at all?

Youtube and music...

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paulh. the world is a circus, but why d I have to work without a net?

I love the Eagles. Queen and the Beatles are dear to my heart as well.

I sang "In the mood" at an outreach concert many years ago.

I don't have a favorite Beatle, any more than I have a favorite side of a triangle. smiley - smiley

I enjoyed disco. I remember an office party that was held in a place that was set up for disco. Turned out to be a lot of fun. No one cared that I had no clue about dancing. I just made up my own steps, and had fun.

The line between country music and folk music is a thin one. "Country roads" is a country song, but it was written and sung by a former folk singer. I'm not sure where Paul Simon fits nowadays, but he's almost never dull, so I just enjoy whatever music he's making.
"Hey, good looking" was a country song that was revamped by some Russian singers and became a folk song. "Don't fence me in" was originated by one songwriter, expropriated by Cole Porter, and eventually embraced by many Western singers.

The best concept of music I ever heard was that it is liquid. It's supposed to flow. smiley - smiley

Youtube and music...

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The first band I could identify was the Beatles. No mystery there.
My sister was playing their albums (non stop) before I was born.
Trivia: At age 9, I bought the first album that I was allowed to choose. It was 62-66. Favorite all around Beatle, Paul. I liked John's wit and George's as well. Ringo, I like his personality, as in he didn't take himself too seriously.

The Beach Boys and Rolling Stones were also in that mix.

While growing up, my parents' big band music, Louis Armstrong 78s and my mother's old Opry country music was played a lot as well. I don't like that country music, too twangy. My parents watched old movies with The Andrew Sisters and many others singing WWII era songs like 'Rum and Coca Cola, The Tennessee Waltz and more.

I tend to prefer guitar and piano to disco.
The Eagles, I tend to prefer Glen Fry. Mike prefers Don Henley.
Desperado and Take it Easy as well as Lying Eyes and every now and then
Witchy Woman are my preferences. We saw them live in Texas (Rice Stadium) 1994.

In that same category, America: Ventura Highway, Horse with no Name, Tropic of Sir Galahad...

I like Queen, but not the same songs as most. Killer Queen and
Best Friend instead of Another one Bites the Dust and Bohemian Rhapsody which I like but have heard way too many times.

By high school, Hall and Oates, J. Geils Band, Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Journey and others were added including Def Leppard.

Youtube and music...

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paulh. the world is a circus, but why d I have to work without a net?

On another thread, I was trying to talk about about Swamp Rock, which is or was popular in the New Orleans area. I mentioned Credence Clearwater, which gets the style right, but the band members were from California, not Louisiana. Some people care about where musicians come form, and some don't. I don't. If you want to write songs about the South of your day, but you were born in Pittsburgh (as Stephen Foster was), go right ahead. smiley - ok "City of New Orleans is more about a train than a city, but it's a good song and I like it. smiley - smiley

"freight train" by Elizabeth Cotten was written to evoke the sound of trains going past her house in North Carolina.

Youtube and music...

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Oddly enough, Bryan Adams sang 'Born on a Bayou' in New Orleans at a concert in 1992.

Jimmy Buffet has a Margaritaville restaurant in New Orleans. And, there is the House of Blues in New Orleans. I think Tabby's Blues box in Baton Rouge closed.

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Youtube and music...

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