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I am greatly saddened that the BBC will no longer be hosting h2g2. It's a terrible shame; this was a great place. I find it hard to believe that h2 could be run by users, or even that a new buyer could be found. I just don't see it happening. Aside from a few Christmas messages, I haven't gotten any messages on my personal space since August. But I wanted to say goodbye, and encourage my friends to keep in touch with me on Facebook. Dang, it was a long wild ride. I'm going to miss this place so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas from Ellen

Merry Christmas to Jabberwock, Psychocandy, Ivan, BMT, Willem, Sho, Lil, and all who celebrate the holiday! Happy Solstice as well; welcome to a return to warmth and light. Happy Holidays Effers and Edward the B as well, if you see my journal! Can't believe it is almost 2011! I'm missing Zendevil Terri very much. H2g2 makes me a little sad these days, because of Terri and because so many folks have moved on. But I still want to keep track of you guys. This was a good year for me, despite some depression. Micio is gone, but I have Rembrandt to enjoy and play with now. Tell me what's been up with all of you! I'm still enjoying my new Kindle and Roku. Merry Christmas again!

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Hi everyone! I've been reading tons of books on my new Kindle. For anyone who doesn't know, the Kindle is Amazon's ebook. I have one of the third generation Kindles, which is lightweight, has great battery life, and a higher contrast screen. Plus it will hold 3,000 books! (Not that I can afford that many, LOL) Most books only cost about ten dollars on the Kindle. A lot of public domain stuff is available free. AND OF COURSE, I downloaded the complete Hitchhikers Guide series to my Kindle. Other things I've been reading on it include: The Help, Hunger Games, and Pillars of the Earth. I especially liked Hunger Games, and Pillars. Both were real page turners. Hunger Games was science fiction, Pillars was historical fiction.

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Inception... blowing my mind. I've seen the movie twice now, and loved it. What a wild trip, a cool director, and a talented cast! I wonder how many people will buy spinning tops now?

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Micio is ill.

Hi everyone. Micio, my dear cat, is ill. She is having trouble with her teeth, kidneys, and liver. The vet is giving her antibiotics this week to try to help with the dental problems. Micio is 17 years old, so we can't do dental surgery. Fingers crossed please that the antibiotics work really well, and that Micio will be with me for several more months at least. The vet says that best case scenario, maybe a year. I am still rather in shock, because she's done so well up until now, despite having lost weight this past year. So sorry to pass along this bad news; I know you all love Micio too.

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