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I am greatly saddened that the BBC will no longer be hosting h2g2. It's a terrible shame; this was a great place. I find it hard to believe that h2 could be run by users, or even that a new buyer could be found. I just don't see it happening. Aside from a few Christmas messages, I haven't gotten any messages on my personal space since August. But I wanted to say goodbye, and encourage my friends to keep in touch with me on Facebook. Dang, it was a long wild ride. I'm going to miss this place so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Dunkirk spirit is already rocking and probs


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smiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadface

To paraphrase the quotation.....

There are lies, then there are damn lies, then there is the BBC.

smiley - grr


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I do feel sorry for those at the BBC who may be losing their jobs. smiley - sadface


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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

I feel bad for those at the BBC who are bound to lose jobs.

But, it's been made clear that the goal is to find h2g2 a new home, and I think moving away from the BBC could potentially be a positive thing. Not that I'm knocking the Beeb- you know how avid a supporter of public broadcasting I am- but because this opens up the opportunity for non-UK residents to contribute to operating and running the site. As I said in my own journal, I've been offering to pay a license or subscription myself for several years now, if it meant being treated a little differently by the (albeit small) group of users who feel that non-UK users and those who no longer write for the Guide are of no value.

Also, it might loosen the restrictions of the nanny filter, which disallows posting of harmless words while still allowing some really foul swears and some horrific abuse. We could return to the old days when people were free to post objectionable guff and it was up to the community to call b/s on it. Hardly any posts were ever yikesed back then, remember?

Don't despair, at least not yet!! smiley - tea


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Nil Desperandum Folks!

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Heya Ellen,

Just seen you online in the newly working Who's Online tool, so had to pop by and say Hi.

We did it though! The site is partly owned by the community, partly owned by one of the original guys from TDV, and partly owned by some hoopy froods who just didn't want to see it go under.

It's been a hell of a ride, the last year especially since we relaunched. It's a bit quieter, but hopefully you'll keep popping in if not hanging out. smiley - cheers

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