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(Axe) Well...

It's time...

*Robert runs over*

(Axe) I can't find that leaving message, so we're kinda screwed smiley - sadface.

(Robert) *sigh* Oh well...

*changes his password to unintelligable garbage and logs out*

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Latest reply: Aug 27, 2002

Something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike going back to school... (AKA 'Possible last chance to see...')

Before we start, you might want to note that this journal entry will be long. *cuts 'net connection and works offline*
*Axe disappears*

smiley - popcorn

Over here in the USA, we happen to start a new school semester on the 26th August. Now, that might not seem like a big deal, especially not to you British people, who go back to school about 10th September. However, when you live in the USA and it's the 25th August, it is a big deal.

It's an especially big deal when, on that date, you will be doing something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike going back to school. Like starting a new school.

In my case, that means that I'm not going back to school. I'm going to a new school, with new, decent clothes (you heard me right, decent school clothes. As in not uniform smiley - biggrin), a new calculator (complete with decimal to hex conversion smiley - smiley), a new pen, a new backpack, a new... you get the idea. A new everything.

So, you probably aren't thinking, which new lesson am I going to start my new everything with? Want to know?


Yes, you heard me.


The most evil, terrible lesson that anyone's heard of, except perhaps Latin. And I'm starting school with it.

Now listen to this. The stupid USA semester system means that I will be doing Physical Education every weekday, at 8:05 in the morning, for the next four months. The word aghh comes to mind.

Anyway, I have got some good things to report. Firstly, tommorow is the 26th August 2002. That means (according to my calender) that I'm going to a cafe and "socialising" (as Mum puts it) tomorrow, after school smiley - smiley.

In other, non- school (or female, incidentally) related news, tomorrow's also the day that some of my held library books come in, including a few Douglas Adams ones smiley - smiley.

Tomorrow's also the day that I'm going to make a decision. A very big one. This one concerns whether I carry on using h2g2. You heard me. By tomorrow evening, Pacific Time, I could stop using h2g2. Forever...

So this is kinda a possible 'Last Chance to See...' entry for me. I've already used up 'So long and thanks for all the fish', so that'll have to do smiley - sadface.

Speak tomorrow,

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Latest reply: Aug 26, 2002

Problems with my Schedule

Hi people,

Due to time constraints (lots to do!), I'm going to be offline during the week. I'll try to get an hour or two in at the weekend though...

Hopefully this is temporary!

Robert, and Axe smiley - sadface

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Latest reply: Aug 23, 2002

AOL, Linux and MSN


I finally got AOL working on my Linux box smiley - smiley. That means that I can access the Internet from my PC, and /that/ means that I can install an MSN Messenger client, use IRC and test out h2g2 on my browser collection smiley - biggrin!

Everyone sing along:
I am happy, oh so happy, I am happy, and witty and Internet-connected!

*several windows in the vicinity of Benicia California start cracking*

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Latest reply: Aug 19, 2002

Registration, MS-DOS and Peer Review (AKA Something for everyone)

Registration went smiley - smiley. I had to sit in a corner and sign about half a ton of policy, tell them that I, my parents, the other adults (?) in my house, and my dog speak English, that I don't want to get up 1hr earlier every morning, but thanks anyway, and the answers to loads of other stupid questions. Oh, and who could forget the 'Telecommunications Policy Agreement', in which I signed my rights to any privacy on the school network away smiley - sadface? Guess I'll have to start using anti-snoop e-mail...

Next topic please...

I've been modifing (read messing up) my MS-DOS boot disk today. So there. If anyone knows any un-documented ANSI.SYS-related escape codes, I'd be happy to hear from them smiley - geek.

Next topic please...

I finally got round to entering one of my entries into Peer Review. It's a copy of a short essay I did /ages/ ago, but I've improved it a bit befor submitting it. Should be interesting...

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Latest reply: Aug 17, 2002

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