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Winning the bid

Reading the BBC News opinions about London winning the 2012 bid, I came across this:

"Amazing!!! Just spoke to my brother who is in Paris. They are understandably depressed, the reporters there are all saying the decision defies logic. This will unite Britain, it will make us all feel proud to be British once again."

I rather enjoy the implication that the best reason to be proud to be British is that we beat the French and didn't deserve to (from a dark humour point of view, I should point out).

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The Drug's sort of work...

The power of social networking and a comment on psychiatric drugs, an interesting if a bit lengthy read.

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Sad news for photographers,2933,159782,00.html

Kodak are going to stop making black and white development paper. The digital age bites.

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Acid Trip

An interesting site I found whilst wandering the www, a site of drawings an artist did on acid but in a controlled environment:

It's nice to see the evolution.

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Ditching Microsoft

Ditching Microsoft could save education millions:

smiley - erm

Might not work because of my RSS reader thingy. If so:

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