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Verily, I can not recall the last time I was here.



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Latest reply: Mar 6, 2006

O Well: What the Hell.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Effective immediately, I am resigning myself from all campaigns et cetera save the Brunel Fan-Club.

I have enjoyed the time, but I simply am not here enough to merit a spot.

So, So Long, and Thanks... for All the Fish.

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Latest reply: Jun 25, 2004


What a Crappy Four two months I've had.

Not only have I absolutely no Time (what is Time any way? Matter!) but I'm rather tired of what Goes on. Really, I've had enough.

And, that's the He and the She of It.

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Latest reply: Nov 14, 2003

What Can I Sayihey? (Quoth John W. Lennon)

Here I am.

I read last nigth one of the stories from the My Works section. I'm mad, is my ultimate conclusion. "... written in your inimitable style." states another. Yes, I am the master of eccentricity; perhaps ony out-done by Erik Satie. Maddnes!; Shear Lunacy!

It's been a while since last I did this, hmmm-ahhh?

Why do they call it a "Blog"?



I love doing that.


Alright. That is all for now. And, as the Captain of U-96 in Das Boot would say (with the exception of the Danke und bit),

Danke und Ende.

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Latest reply: Jul 20, 2003


Aye; I've been away for a while but, I'm back; like a Pheonix, rising from its ashes. During this time, I've read Joyce's Dubliners and Portrait and I'm all the better for it. I've also started Das Satchel, my pen-ultimate master-piece. You can read it, along with other works of mine, at the My Works page, located some where. Go to my P. S. for plusser details.

By the way, if any one leaves me a message, it might take me a while to get it; I've a back-log of over one thousand messages. (Help! smiley - wah)


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Latest reply: Dec 17, 2002

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