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Hello all - still wandering around in a daze!

Still, interesting to read back what I used to get up to. I'm now an advanced driving instructor (read the post where I passed the original test!), run my own editorial company and live happily in Fishbourne. I'm about to get married for the second time. In many ways things change but they're also very much the same.

Facebook winds me up, prefer Twitter and can't believe we have devices where we can track everything in the palm of our hand. Will Not Panicking Ltd. release an h2g2 app?!

Testing out daytime 6Music today as the Radio 2 playlist winds me up.

Yoga shortly...

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nyah ha!

THis is the first weekend of being a fully qualified driver. Yes, last Wednesday I finally passed the darn thing on the seventh attempt. I can now have my weekends back! smiley - cheers

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been away ages! I've had a few business trips and generally been very busy lately so haven't been around. I've resigned as an ACE which will hopefully give me a bit more free time 'round here now.....not sure if I'll be any less busy though smiley - winkeye

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Gone a bit quiet now so I've taken the opportunity to update the old page.

Last day before Easter! Off for a few days which should be rather nice......


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Finally it has happened. We have exchanged contracts on New House II and will be moving in on the 15th of November. Hurrah!

smiley - towel

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