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Hi, you must be looking at the guestbook gadget. If you'd like to leave me a message then go ahead. smiley - ok If you know me, I will know you've visited Spiff's space. If not, I'll probably do my best to get back to you fairly promptly anyway smiley - biggrin.



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Researcher 189291

Need I hello where are you in this weirdness

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Researcher 189291

euell 23 calling spiff
do u read

obviously u canm

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The Entity

hello Spiff,

Hurrah Calvin and Hobbes!! Hurrah!! *bounces around* ok, Hi! *waves* smiley - smiley I'm the entity, something like an amorphous blob and who babbles exorbitantly. Your page is cool, Spaceman Spiff is cool. So, I deduce that you are! smiley - tongueout *my smiles are limited, as I have yet to learn all the little codes*

-the entity

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

I've been given this to subedit, and I don't know what you want to do about the missing info. Could you drop me an email? (for address see U188050) - Thanks

do i know you?

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are you the spiff who knows eli and has no hair? if you are, then hello.
if you're not, then hello as well.

hello there or should i say tcheuuss

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Hows it going?

I signed the book

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Need I really say it? Nah!
smiley - rocket

I signed the book

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couldn't resist it, eh? smiley - biggrin

hello again!!

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just thought id pop over here and say HI!! and that your page here seems very interesting and busy compared with mine, which is like a small piece of plankton in comparison with this wonderful whale!!

Bye for now,

Redz xx

ps. i thought the 'toast' thing was funny!!! smiley - smiley


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Did I tell you I saw the Grand Depart of the Tour de France? Might have some photos...

Luckysmiley - star


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Hi Luckysmiley - star, smiley - ok

have you checked out The French Connection - A694497?

I have posted an open offer for somebody to cover the TdeF; interested?

I wouldn't expect detailed reports - whatever you'd like to do.

If you are interested, I think the easiest thing would be for you to start a thread on that page with a title like 'H2g2 coverage of the TdeF' or something more fun and/or exciting if you want - the main thing is that it indicates what's in the thread.

Then I'd put a link to the thread higher up on the page in the News section.

You may not fancy it at all, of course. No pressure! smiley - biggrin

anyway, smiley - cheers for dropping me a line!


btw - howya getting on over in Luzzer? Enjoying ex-pat life? Or missing blighty, bacon and brown sauce? smiley - yikes


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I only saw the bit that was in Luxembourg, but I could report on that and then pass it on to someone else for the next stage, who could pass it on etc etc. Not sure how many researchers there are in France - 1 or 2 in Paris at least...

Lux is gr8. And I can get proper bacon and HP sauce. Even Tayto cheese'n'onion crisps, which is saying something! Mind you, looking forward to my upcoming weekend in London, highlights including the h2g2 summer meet.

Right, I'll start this thread then, shall I...


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Wow, that was *quick*! smiley - zoom

Great stuff, go for it with the thread - all comers welcome.

If you know anyone else who might like to participate - the more the merrier!

Venez nombreux! btw, how's your français? smiley - smiley


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Ne demandes pas ce question!

Stands back and awaits moderation...


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Actually I've found that as long as you don't get to hifallutin', simple French passes moderation pretty well. It all depends on the individual mods, of course, but despite widespread belief to the contrary, many English people *can* understand quite a bit of basic French. Specially in writing.

so, bonne chance! or 'Merde' as they say!

(now I realise that's asking for trouble - but it *does* mean 'good luck' in French. Rather like 'Break a leg' in English)

A plus


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ha! beat you to it! smiley - devilsmiley - biggrin

I spotted your entry on TdeF 2002 - I assume you're happy for me to link to it on my FrConn page...

*off to read it*



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It's still a "work in progress" although I think I have all the data I need now.

Guide entry?
Journal entry?
or conversation thread - what do you suggest?

smiley - star


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Well, now that you have made a start on a separate page, why not keep it.

You could add datelines in the form of headers (if you need help with g-ml just ask, it's dead easy! smiley - smiley)

I will link to it in the News section and perhaps start a conversation thread asking for any contributions. That way if anyone else wants to help out with some commentary or whatever, they can post to the thread and it can be added to your page.

This may all end up being quite a bit of work, but don't worry - no pressure.

As long as you are enjoying doing it, I will be keen to lend a hand.



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just need to check one of the times, but that's about it from me (best Ronnie Barker voice)

I'll keep an eye out for further updates....

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