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the thot plickens!

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Just gone to add a PS to my previous Smiley conversation & realised you're the same Tom as in the Welcome to h2g2 thread! Which rather proves the point I was trying to make to our newbie friend!
Anyway I'm still newbie enough myself to not be sure how to add a P.S to the Smiley bit, one way or the other,you'll see it; so...
Re: the BFB I meant a cross through the beer itself, but not the happy little person.
Is there a sign for "Go to my Personal Space" -- it would be incredibly useful at this stage!!
smiley - online2long tried this earlier & it didn't work -- is there a space after onl before ine2long?
smiley - cheers Terri. & smiley - ta for all the Smileys!

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the thot plickens!

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