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Internet Privacy and Google's Gmail

I find it really, really hard to understand what all the fuss is about Google scanning my email in order to drop in "relevant" advertising.

1. It's free! And no-one is obliged to use it.

2. Many people will be happy to get away from the hideous folder paradigm.

3. Banning or fiddling with Gmail is just like banning or fiddling with (put your favourite cause or defended right here) -- if you don't like it, don't use it. If you don't even like to send mail to friends who use it, then don't. Nobody's taking away your freedom to be a non-user of Gmail, so don't mess with the freedom of those who want to be users.

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Latest reply: Apr 8, 2004

The Fifth Sunday in February

As Keeper, I have great pleasure in announcing that today is the Fifth Sunday in February.

See you all in 28 years' time.

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Latest reply: Feb 29, 2004

Michael Jackson -- What's Going On?

I don't particularly like his music; I definitely think he's strange by a large number of people's standards; but I can't help feeling very uncomfortable at the scenes of him being led into jail handcuffed, and at the public pronouncements of representatives of the police.

What do other people think? Is he being set up?

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Latest reply: Nov 21, 2003

The Fifth Sunday in February

That's it!

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Latest reply: Oct 30, 2001

Reflections on 11th September, 2001

Unspeakable horror. Today, a week after, the full extent has only just begun to sink in.

My first reaction was that the supporters of the murderers should "die like dogs" (Dog lovers forgive me...).

But that makes me just like them...

But how, then is justice to be done? By the sword? What about the "collateral damage"?

I don't believe that The Hague is sufficient. The answer must be swift and certain death, though perhaps more merciful than they gave their victims.

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