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Go-Go Girl

to say Hi...

Well, actually I was browsing and came across your page, and saw that you live in Rio de Janeiro. smiley - smiley

Which piqued my interest, since that is where I am going for Christmas, for two weeks, and I am totally excited as I have never been before! smiley - biggrin

Sure would appreciate any useful tips about the place...

Go-Go Girl

Just dropping by...

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Hi Go-go!

Where will you be staying? Will you be here for New Year's Eve/Day? What sort of things are you interested in? Where are you coming from? High-, medium-, or low-budget?

There are all sorts of things to do here, but it depends on what you like. (I've already seen that you like dancing; but that ain't my thing, really, so I may not be able to help too much.)

Be very pleased to help...

Just dropping by...

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Go-Go Girl

Hi again...

Will be staying at the Cesar Park in Ipanema, but not for New Year, as return to Britain on 28th.

Yes, I like dancing, but not THAT much...(i'm not a clubbing type)it's not what I mean to do. Rather, I'm more interested in trying out the best restuarants, art galleries etc. And of course, the best Caipirinha?

Just dropping by...

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Hi, OK, a few tips.

The Cesar Park is a very nice hotel. You will enjoy the breakfast buffet very much. It has excellent restaurants, though by local standards they are expensive. The caipirinhas there are pretty good, too.

Assuming you're a meat-eater (vegetarians are not very wel provided-for in Brazil, you'll want to go to a churrascaria, or barbecue restaurant. I personally would strongly recommend "Cruzeiro do Sul", in Botafogo, near the Pasmado Tunnel, where you get a big salad buffet and all kinds of meat brought and caved at your table. As much as you can eat, fixed price except for dessert and booze, somewhere in the 15-20 dollars a head range. The best beef cuts are "Picanha" (Pee-kahn-ya), "Maminha" (Ma-meen-ya), "Costela" (ribs - koss-teh-la). The caipirinhas are very good here, too, as are the batidas (a slightly less rough variety of caipirinha, can e ade with different tropical fruits.

Another well-known quality churrascaria is Mariu's, which is in Leme, at the far end of Copacabana, but I haven't been there for some time.

Two blocks in from the beach from the Cesar Park is Visconde de Piraja street, which is the main shopping street in Ipanema. I'm not into shopping, but there is a Citibank branch where you can get money from your Cirrus card. If you like sundaes and ice-cream and such, you could try Chaika, which is around there.

Although Rio is not the armed camp some people like to say it is, you should take care, especially in the evening, when out in the street and on the beach. Don't use jewellery, carry the mimimum of money that you need for that occasion, and leave the rest in the hotel safe, and keep high-tech items like cameras and walk-men out of sight.

Another tip - avoid the restauants on the beach - they're not very good, although, clearly, they have a certain atmosphere; so try them if you like, but don't expect too much, and check your bill carefully because some waiters have a habit of adding a couple of beers or caipirinhas, or adding the date.

If you want to splash out (once, maybe), then there is an excellent Italian restaurant - Cipriani - in the Copacabana Palace Hotel, but you'd best make a reservation, and you'll need to dress a bit more than shorts, t-shirt, and toe sandals.

Taxis are cheap (except for the special taxis that wait outside the hotel), but if your are obviously from out-of-town one or two of them may indulge in electrical stimulation of the taxi meter.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like, and I'll try to help more...


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By the way, forgot... As in many places outside a ten-mile radius of the Bodleian Library, one can pick up the odd stomach (euphemism) upset. In the hotel, you can clean your teeth with the tap water, but probably shouldn't drink it. Bring some charcoal tablets - I've never needed anything stronger.


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Go-Go Girl

Hi there Brent!

Thanks for all the info. Have you thought about writing a guide entry on really should, me thinks!

Meat eater? Moi? You bet!! I forgot Brazil had these places specialising in meat...I can't wait!!!!

How long have you lived out there? And why, wherefore, what etc?? (I'm incurably nosey).smiley - winkeye

Must dash to gym now...have a month left to get my bod *beach* ready.smiley - headhurts

Go-Go Girl

Just dropping by...

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(Sorry I took so long...)

Hmm, a very long and complicated story, involving, as a minimum, a lousy first marriage that lasted much too long, and a marvellous second marriage, all mixed in with the raw drama of several airlines' computer systems.

Who knows, one day I'll write a novel...

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