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Prodigal Seal...

Well, they let me back in.
Thanks, Slants. Assuming there still are Slants.
(Thinks: It might be a bit late to apologise to Jimster).

A lot has changed, some of it even in RL. The old git in Sheffield is even older, and now retired. He’s doing a part-time MA in Creative Writing. What a joke. The Wendell is still imperious, and rather nice to have around, if I’m honest.
Ancient Brit, sadly, is gone but not forgotten. (It’s the gone part that’s sad, in case of any ambiguity).

I don’t suppose there are many left who remember me.
But in case there is anyone, I have no idea where Alberta or Orchid or the Speak-Your-Weight-Machine went. Or for that matter a long list of slightly more real characters, such as Waz, Jo(r)dan, Trout, boots, Hyp, ~jwf~, Felonious Monk, GB, skankyrich etc, etc.

I guess someone might turn up. Given the general state of affairs, I should probably make an effort to be civil to them.

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Five Hundred and Fifty Years Ago

Sunday 29th March 1461
Towton Field, nr Tadcaster, Yorks, England
smiley - peacedove

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It's getting like that endangered species thing round here, right? When the population shrinks to the point that the gene pool isn't varied enough to escape extinction.

There are at least two huge new stories right now (Japan and Libya) and almost no intelligent discussion of either. And if anyone tries starting a discussion, in come the usual suspects, bleating out the same old tired claptrap, and they go way off topic and kill the thing.

Far be it from me to suggest that today's hootooers are diminished to the point of inbreeding...oh, all right. Possibly not that far now you come to mention it.

Do you reckon we could persuade the BBC to keep a few dozen of them?

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Entry Awaiting Moderation

My latest offering, like a depressing proportion of its recent predecessors, is in Limbo As Above.

It's probably the consequence of a single use of the sanguine adjective, mild though that expletive is.

It might just have been a very indirect reference to Mickey's advocacy of Certain Things We Should Do With Bankers, but I don't think they're that subtle, are they? I mean, it's not as if they read the stuff.

I wouldn't mind, but it isn't even very good. I only threw it in to show a bit of solidarity with the poor old mouldering pile of decay, over which people are now expending more energy in planning the appearance of an as-yet non-existent site than on actually writing anything.

My breath I cannot get. My Landlord I do not respect. My peers I'm sometimes none too sure about either.

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Convos I’d be Sad to Lose...

Since the new H2G2 may be destined to limit our backward Convo access to a week last Thursday, I’ve decide to keep a collection of links to well-loved but ancient Convos in my Journal.

Any Lurkers (as if) might be surprised to see that I seem to be mainly concerned with preserving the glory of my own inimitable contributions. Hell, yeah! The rest of you can look after your own literary legacies. My mission is to preserve the sheer piquant majesty of the Seal for the wonderment and rapture of future generations. And yeah, OK, there are a few other people who I'll grudgingly admit have produced some pretty sharp repartee too...

Dogzarce: F19585?thread=161897&post=1656561#p1656561
The SYWM Abuses the Musehome: F61214?thread=180508
First ever Post: F63314?thread=139281&post=1282461#p1282461
First Kindred Spirit (MR): F76045?thread=205648
Alberta with the Dogs: F81892?thread=159375&post=3610772#p3610772
Galactic Contracting: F95573?thread=293047
Second Kindred Spirit (Ben): F51226?thread=248863
Third Kindred Spirit (Jordan): F76045?thread=623386 and F112262?thread=409638
Fourth Kindred Spirit (Boots): F109532?thread=240441
Truest Kindred Spirit (Waz): F39749?thread=264632 and F39749?thread=4640104
Confession – I started it: F2137311?thread=251476
Mr Dead in Collective:
Towards the Stretcher: F1900574?thread=4752587
Not Remotely a Kindred Spirit (Trout): F95896?thread=285817 and F76049?thread=664976
Fiercest Battle: F3607506?thread=2749105
The Best Thread of All: F1599167?thread=334552

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