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What gives bruv?

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So why did you come along and so comprehensively de-rail that thread about the super injunction and the footie player? You could have easily started a new thread on Ask and brought in those points in a general way about h2g2.

But hey why start a new thread when you can have fun nuking an existing one...but as you pointed out the first post pre-empts all that you're not nuking much worth anything. You've exploded a trash can smiley - applause

So I thought to come to your space. And I read a bit. Trivia masquerading as something profound was my impression. I've been know to flirt with it myself on ocassion as a bit of fun. But you maybe a connoseur.

Being involved with the 'word' thread and mention of your name, I've realised you've quite a reputation to keep up.

Lardy, vex.

What gives bruv?

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There's only one experience more chastening than being blanked by everyone on the site.

That's being blanked by everyone except Effers.

What gives bruv?

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Nah I'll never blank you bruv.

But I really should offer you a great big bucket of bubbly for spotting that acrostic.

What gives bruv?

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You know why I got tetchy?

Being reminded once too often that whenever anybody writes something clever on this site, nobody seems to notice.

If we're not looking for clever writing here, what are we looing for?

What gives bruv?

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>If we're not looking for clever writing here, what are we looing for?<

smiley - huh Clever writing? What like stuff for high class christmas crackers? Or something else?

I'd say interesting writing would be the aim. Genuinely interesting. Stuff with chutzpah and balls.

What gives bruv?

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Hmm change of ps.

But as our coalition are forever telling us..'we don't want to end up like Greece'.

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