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about that bhopal entry . . .

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I just came across this and thought you might be interested.smiley - smiley

about that bhopal entry . . .

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This is just the point. It's a position of unspeakable hypocrisy.
As FM has pointed out though, the way to expose that hypocrisy is to set out the events dispassionately. Bhopal speaks for itself.
It will probably be enough to intersperse the account with a few of the immoderate remarks of US Congressmen in recent weeks. In fact it might not even need that.
I hope my sense of opprobrium is dispelled by this one effort. I would hate to feel compelled to keep writing Entries about how horrible the US is, and about how shamefully it fails to confess its atrocities. Then again, the charge list is prodigious, the crimes are extreme and the ignorance of the general US populace is complete and despicable. If I let myself get too caught up in this, the litany of contempt and spite could go on for a very long time.

about that bhopal entry . . .

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Yes, it is unpleasant and pointless to fall into the obsessive trap of such 'a litany of contempt and spite.'smiley - laugh

Something I was just thinking is that the argument would be made that 'Bhopal happened along time ago under a different administration and who knows what the response would have been if Obama were President then' (not only the first African-American President but also by far the youngest President ever.smiley - biggrin) Such arguments would have to be pre-empted by emphasizing the fact that the Bhopal litigation continues and there has been no change despite the changing administrations.

about that bhopal entry . . .

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I feel I should add that at least one of the authors of the piece to which I linked is from the U.S.

It would seem that the ignorance of the general US populace is not absolutely complete.smiley - erm

about that bhopal entry . . .

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

I'd like to discuss taking this forward but I don't think that some of the comments I'd make would be suitable for public consumption on h2g2, so drop me an email: my obfuscated adress is on my home page.

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