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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Hi Pinniped

I'd be really grateful if you would add a comment to this entry

A65804538 Jet Bike Steve

The newbie author ( I presume he is actually a newbie and not another hootizen in disguise) says in his discussions with his ACE that he is disillusioned with W*ki. I'd really like to encourage him to write other things for us.

This one is a bit *off the wall* but I think it has its merits. I'd like another Scout to comment though, please, if you have a moment?

Many thanks!

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Hi Scout

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Mmmm. Do you really want me to? I don't like it much. It's topic is lightweight and frivolous, and it's a good example for me of exactly what the Edited Guide shouldn't be.

Factual writing should IMO be instructive and learned. The EG guidelines deal with that territory quite well.
Writing on lighter subjects should be broad rather than deep. It should be developed in style and treatment, and crucially should include personal interpretation and opinion, so that the introduction it provides to its topic should itself provoke and entertain. The EG guidelines are pretty rubbish for that, don't you agree?

In the Edited Guide we have now, there is no real place for this Entry. It might as well be just a weblink and a one-line "Worth a look if you like Simon Pegg and/or jet bikes".

The EG is struggling big-time right now of course, but I really don't want to help sustain it in its current form. I want it to change to embrace good-quality creative writing, and in this climate, the Powers might just realise that I'm right sometime soon.

Told you I was a rubbish Scout.

Hi Scout

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

I would endorse what you say about PR struggling at the minute. Since I arrived in h2g2, just over a year ago now, there seems to have been a sharp deterioration in the quality of Entries being sent to PR, and the contributions from Scouts, seems mainly to come from Vip, Lil and myself.

Although the content of this particular entry is probably not going to make the grade - I still think that the individual should have a bit of positive recognition - maybe with a bit of feedback he would consider writing something more appropriate in the future? My concerns are that he will only get comments such as from BMT in post 5 or will be completely ignored, and his first time entry will join the legions that are sent back to Entry. Then of course that will be the last we see of him.


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