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Steel stuff

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Got the opportunity to visit an integrated steel plant the other day (Sidmar, in Ghent).

Certainly brought some of your metal pieces to light - particularly the one about the chap pouring the molten steel - it was hot at the 'visitor friendly' distance we were from the blast furnace, I don't even want to think about physically manipulating a container full of the stuff...

An interesting day, anyrate - in case you're wondering my professional interest is in the way that the slags and scrap are regulated - waste/not waste and so on. Lawyer stuff. As we left they gave us a 3kg smiley - erm bag of blast furnace slag, which my wife is now nagging me about. Maybe I'll mix it in the concrete bed for the new patio...


Steel stuff

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Quite a plant, Sidmar.
Did you see the mills? Impressive hot mill. Formidable cold mill; bit of an industry talking-point with its high-reduction headstand.
(I could go on, you know...)
Never seen the ironworks myself. Know a few guys in slag processing though. Let me know if you need RL contacts.
And Ghent. That's quite a place too.
Pinsmiley - smiley

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