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How goes it sealboy?
Finally in front of a computer without a day job to distract.
Intend to do magazine editorial at some point today. Thought I would hang the whole thing on ANZAC day, which is very big for Aussies. Great Dawn service at Hyde Park corner last week. Children to Chelsea pensioners and thousands of those funny hats they wear!
Quite cool taking the car in for a change. Not so cool fogetting to pay the congestion charge!
What's your take on the new film? Watched Jonathon Ross last night and sneakily quite keen to see the film now.
Hope all well in northern climes.
Take care

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Hi boots. What a pleasant surprise.

It goes good, natch.

I'm just here quickly, to let your pet lamb Jodan know I've e-mailed him a piece on Peer Review improvement. Yeah, we're off on my favourite mission yet again. If you feel like joining in (and you'd be a welcome asset), try the "Inspire me" thread.

Hyp is over later this month, you know? There's talk of an N-SS meet-up, but we seem to have lost the Basket. You talk to her, OK?

I have to dash. We don't get much sunlight, of course, and the Weddell says I have to polish the cobbles in the lawn.

Pinsmiley - kiss

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Saw that Hyp was coming over. Would love to meet her. Will call the basket sometime today. She's doing a bit of a long haul commute with her day job at the moment but I know she would be up for a meet.
Will go and check out the 'inspire me' thread but have to confess not sure I have a lot to offer at the moment creatively. RL work has been a great duvet. Hope when I get past the 9th fogs will clear a bit and instead of treading water I will finally be able to try and swim to a shore. Deciding on which shore and for why is always the hardest.
Take care
boots (still out there in the life boat!)

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