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I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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After asking your permission I saw that my latest work is already in your space.
This was composed in its entirety today as a result of your poem inspiring me to try poetry again!

I can't thank you enough.


I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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It's because I'm subscribed to AWW, so all new Entries submitted to that Forum appear in my PS.

So (I'm afraid) I wasn't looking for your stuff specificallysmiley - blush

But I will read it, of course. And since you want crit, crit you shall have.

Pinsmiley - smiley
(just give me a while, OK? I've got some work to clear over the next few days. I'll get there, though)

I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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Good lord! You must have a hell of a backlog of work if you get a constant stream of (gobbledegook?).

I am entirely in your hands. It'll do any time.
Good luck with all the other reading!


I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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I don't reply to it all, Ron.
To be honest, some of it I don't even read to the end (terrible confessionsmiley - erm)

When it's good, we encourage it, and also learn from it.
Very often, what does nothing for one delights someone else.
AWW doesn't have to have a result, unlike PR.
In PR, it's improve or purge.
Here in AWW, it's receive and celebrate.

I know which I prefer.

I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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Neither do I read all that comes to me, so why the hell should you feel guilty? (If you do ,that is!).
I've still got a lot to learn about how the system operates. I was under the impression that one had to put the researcher's number down in that box they provide to get your work to that researcher. That's why I wanted to clear it with you before posting my latest work. Cheeky otherwise, I thought. I shouldn't presume anything... you understand... It gets me into trouble. (Just my jest!)

So, do we all get all the new postings then?

Do give my regards to your Dad; sincerely.

Needn't answer all this stuff Pin!

Rsmiley - smiley

I am delighted. Having just spotted something!

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You mean the box at the bottom when you create or edit an Entry?
No, that's not what it does. If you put another U-number in that box, they'll be credited as a co-author, so you should only use it for collaborative Entries.
(If you do use the box, you'll find it has an idiosyncratic way of labelling one author as "written by" and all the others as editors. The Researcher who gets the author-credit seems to be the one with the lowest U-number. Why it does that I've no idea)

And no, you won't automatically get all the postings. You can opt to, though. At the bottom of every Entry and every Conversation thread, you'll find a clickable link that says something like "click here to be notified of new Conversations about this Entry" or similar. The wording varies by skin and also by the type of thread. You can unsubscribe by a similar method.

To subscribe to AWW (ie to receive notification of all new Entries in AWW, as well as all new postings to their discussion threads) just go to the AWW front page and click on the link at the bottom. (This works because the AWW front page has actually been put there as an Entry, and submitting a piece links to it as a new Conversation).

Simple, innit? No, I don't think so eithersmiley - erm

Never mind. We all get the hang of it eventually.

Pin (who doesn't feel guilty)

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