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Armorel (Scilly Dreamer)

Hi Pin,

Thank you for the nice comment on my entry to AAW smiley - smiley

Some of the most frustrating things about having an autistic child are the well-meaning comments such as "Is there a cure?" and "I'm sure she'll get better" smiley - wah

But it's such a complex syndrome that it's almost impossible to explain it in a simple and succint enough manner to sufficiently enlighten the uninformed speaker smiley - erm

At least there's a lot more information these days about autism in the form of TV and radio programmes, newspaper articles and news items.


Thank you for the comment

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No need for thanks. It's a good Entry. You'll get more comment, for sure. The AWW is a little quiet on a Monday evening, I guess.

It's good that there's more info around now. People are more supportive towards each other once they understand things even a little.

I guess the well-meaning comments are a blessing in that way too. Once people are brave enough to talk about these things, they soon learn. Then everybody wins.

So says I, anyhow.

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