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Hi Seal

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Hey Pin, being sensible eh? Now there's a turn up for the books!
Just having a quick lurk whilst waiting for the telephone lines in the antipodes to open.
What has been happening on hootoo and why has it suddenly become menopausal?
Dropped Ben a quick line the other day and still await a reply. I hope she isn't cross because I didn't make the last meet.
Day job,invasive and challenging. Love the bits I'm good at, events and magazine, but not too clever at the money bit. Managed to not only pay a student's fees to the wrong account but the wrong university! Hence the call to down under! Whoops.
Little time or inspiration for writing but maybe soon.
Hope all is good with you and the superwomen and say hi to our travelling companions in the NSS for me.
They've got to be up in Sydney by now.
Take care

Hi Seal

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Good to hear from you.
Really good, in fact.

Yeah, I have been trying to be sensible. I'm fearful that the place is dying on its arse, and so I've been making a big effort to be a bit more co-operative and 'in the spirit' of the project.

I had three Entries in PR at once a couple of weeks ago. They were pretty turgid, though. Satisfaction doesn't lie in that direction; I know that now.

I had a little burst of Post-stuff again too, only lately it's dried up a bit. I'm contributing some RL writing, and that's taking most of my spare time just now. (You don't want to know, Dear. Suffice to say it's a book about a singular piece of Engineering Heritage, and you'd have to wear a cardy and smoke a pipe to want to read it)

The next real hootoo thing has to be to finish the co-operative piece I was doing with nadia (She's gone - you know? Bummer. Only they'll be happy, she and Lizardy, because they're leaving Cardiff and going up into the Valleys into some idyllic little place with no mod cons. She'll be back one day, I hope).

Anyway, the collaborative-thing is the story of the Fairy Feller's Masterstroke, told large. Some of nadia's stuff is truly awesome. I've got a scene-draft now, and I can see how to do the structure. It's going to be good, as good as I can make it.

Menopause? Snide remark at two levels. There are just too many self-pitying women with personality disorders round here, and me (or me Dad, more usually) keep upsetting them. The other level is Auntie Beeb now being clearly past any capacity for bearing fresh life.

The superwomen say hi, and they're a great consolation. Even if Scrofulina won't forgive me for 'killing' a tree this afternoon. I'm afraid I relish wielding a powersaw, but the thing was dead already. Honest.

Ben? Yeah, she's something. She edited a formidable series of pieces (run in the Post) about hootoo's role and future. Now she's bossing the election threads with her usual blend of wisdom and blousiness.

I think I'm over the crush now, but, y'know, just sometimes...

Anyway, hope Sydney woke up and it's good to know you're stimulated in the job. That's precious, though there's fun in most things if you know how to find it. Why am I telling you that, you of all people?

Take care and stay in touch.

Pinsmiley - hug

Hi Seal

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Obviously got a tenous handle on the day job if I can find time to mid afternoon lurk.

Glad all is well with you and the family and sorry that Nadia has gone. I liked her work, they were a great couple. Surely she can still write though even though she lives in a strange place called 'Country'?

London is good. I love London. I love walking past the Wheel every morning and treating the Houses of Parliament as my second home. I love the parks and the galleries (The oil exhibit in the Saatchi gallery is awesome)and I love Strutton Ground Market crammed with food shops and stalls filled with everything from vegetables to videos, where young girls giggle as they try on knocked off designer shoes while business men preen and pretend not to notice, and I love the man selling the Big Issue outside St James' Park tube station with his impossibly wirey hair and pure showman committment to his task. I just love the vibrancy and buzz of the most amazing city in the world.

Reading more than writing but that possibly has something to do with the cramped commuting, which I still find quite novel (excuse the pun). Interesting leap for a girl more suited to taxis smiley - winkeye

Books over the past few weeks
Holy Cow (Can only be truly appreciated if you have been to India but made me laugh out loud on trains)
The Monk who sold his Ferrari (A wonderful but impossible to follow in the real world, lifestyle book)
Steppenwolf (Can't believe I hadn't read it before)
Two books by Iain Banks (Weird mind but fabulous writer) and a book by an author who is a recent aquaintance, Patrick Redmond. Haven't finished yet so jury still out but he has a nice curved ball approach to descriptions of characters which I like.

OK back to the day job. Deadline for the next edition of the magazine is the end of the month and I haven't even looked at it yet!

Will pop by more often if I can, but would hate to be considered 'menopausal'!

Take care and good to catch up.

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