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Cripes Ginger !

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

Dearest Pinniped, I do rather find myself in the awkward position of calling upon your services in a time of desparate need. It's a long story but our old haunt the Dog House was invaded a few days by a motley collection of creatures at F73233?thread=381762

I rather think I did quite well in the circumstances smiley - evilgrin. Obviously the rum old Dog still has it in him what ...... rum that is of course smiley - winkeye

Anyway to get eventually and meanderingly to the point I'd like to round the invasion experience off for our new friends and in a few days I’m going to post something along the lines of “you can come out now lads they fell for it”. When that happens would be awfully glad if you could post there something of a gloating and incredulous nature ….. I’m sure you’ll be quite good at that. smiley - ok

Do hope we can count on your support in this hour of need. Never have so few and all that tommyrot etc

Your old friend and comrade in arms, wings, flippers and other extrusions

Commander Red Dog

Cripes Ginger !

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Good evening, Commander.

As you may recall, I'm the sensible one, the Speak-Your-Weight-Machine. I'm sorry to have to tell you that Pinniped is currently engaged in another escapade. You didn't want really HIM anyway, did you?

I feel that it's infinitely more probable that you are looking for Ms Coleridge. I believe that she already informed you personally that she is no longer dead. However, she is also absent, aiding Pinniped in his present (frankly ludicrous) enterprise. In any case, I rather feel that she has become disillusioned with the whole being-put-to-death-in-battle-threads experience. It has happened to her, and indeed to all of us, rather too often.

I suppose I could let you have a permanently-inebriated Scots limpet, if you really insist, but I fear that there might be a slight eloquence-deficit, given the nature of your requirements.

I took the liberty of reading your thread, and I deeply sympathise. These do not seem to be the kind of individuals that one would want trampling round a cherished personal creation, particularly not one with such a venerable history and significance as the Dog House. I may also say that I greatly admire the typical 'chin-up spirit' with which you have responsed to their rather coarse intrusion. I must say, however, that I rather fear that engagement with types such as these may only lead to the further trashing of lovingly-fashioned places.

There are those, I'm sure you'll agree, Sir, who know how to conduct themselves in a war, and who can be relied upon to wreak destruction with style and dignity. In the hands of such gentlemen, havoc can be a positive pleasure, and the pitting of wits is an uplifting and fulfilling experience.

Then there are those who conduct warfare on an altogether baser level, and are not equipped to rise to the true glory of the intellectually-elevated battle.

I hope you will understand my reluctance about involvement, Commander. I will presume your fond regards for the albatross, and will convey them at the next opportunity. I am sure she will wish to be in touch.

Yours, etc.

(The grizzled seal looks long and hard at the telephone, contemplating a call to Alberta here and now. Finally he shakes his head and, leaving the phone untouched, plunges into the depths below the Pier...)

Cripes Ginger !

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

What ho ! Time to get the bacon the delivered and drop some tenpenny ones in the custard. Bally Jerry is delivering a bunch of bananas on the ceiling so watch out for flipping over on your Betty Harpers and putting your cabbage crate in the briny.

Tally Ho !

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