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Kingdom Hearts Story

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Just droping in to say it's brillient! Stumbeled across it and i'm very impressed, it's a nice peice of work. As a fan of the game it really spoke to me, i thought you've captured Sora quite wonderfully. I just wish you had written a bit more!! All in all good things smiley - smiley. I'm a fellow writer, so it's kinda cool to meet someone else.

I hope we can chat real soon smiley - smiley

Kingdom Hearts Story

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Happy to chat any time, U2006smiley - biggrin

As you might guess from the style, I came to Kingdom Hearts via Final Fantasy.
My daughter's playing KH2 right now, by coincidence. I'm watching from the sofa.

You played KH2 too?

I've entertained the idea of writing some longer fanfic. Don't think it would be Kingdom Hearts, though - there isn't really enough plot. FFVII or FFX would be good to do.

Have you played out KH? I think I've beaten everything in there, although I had to take Sora to level 90-something before I could handle Sephiroth. It also took me ages to find out how to get Mystery Goo to synthesise the higher weapons.
I'm not too good at the magic. I just shoulder Metal Chocobo or Oblivion and slash away.

And Halloween Town is definitely the coolest world. Donald's look in that one, with his bandages unwinding and his middle missing, is inspired.

Pinsmiley - smiley

Kingdom Hearts Story

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I'm not very good with the major boss battles so i never did get to the end but I love it! Yup getting quite far into Kh2 now, to the world that never was, far too hard for me now!

Halloween town is very cool but I love the pride lands in Kh2!

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