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Do you love your dog

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

smiley - ghost I love this, that's what I love.

May I have it for my mag, please?

edition 2 is here

I'd put it in edition 3, due by jan. 15


Do you love your dog

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My pleasure.
I'm fond of that piece. It was among my earliest attempts at creative writing. You can probably tell that it was intended for spoken performance rather than as something to be read.
The little story is also half-true. I stood at the place very early in the morning during the late summer of 1980, and my companion told me how someone else had recently encountered a wolf there. Later in the day I did see wolves, but at some distance. It's the only time I've ever seen grey wolves in the wild.
The red mists are strange. If I remember, the colour comes from the plant known as sundew, and it blankets the floodplain. The horizon is always lost in haze, since the Vuoksi plunges into the beginnings of the Imatra gorge out there at the limit of vision.

Do you love your dog

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

smiley - ghost How beautiful that must have been. What a memory.
Wolves and that kind of environment/ no wonderit went into your writing.

I thought of it as poetry, actually.

Your comment, beginning with

"The little story is also half-true..." would be a perfect tag to
the end of this piece. I'll put it at the end, far down on the page, in place of the usual bio. Perfect.

and thank you very much! smiley - biggrin

Do you love your dog

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

it came out rather well. smiley - ghost

Do you love your dog

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It did, didn't it, Ms R?

Thanks - and now I need a favour. The Hell-Ship has to sail again, because someone's been unkind to a dear friend of the albatross.

I'm hoping we won't need your resurrection services this time, as the victim wasn't exactly alive in the first place. She's a sort of a golem, is Orchid, and now she's gone and got, well...baked.

Don't worry. The Lady and her crew will be back soon.

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