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Last minute polisher visit

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Hi there Pin smiley - smiley you know the drill... I'm your polisher for Gorgon, which I have over at A2126945.

The only changes I have made, and plan to make, are adding the UG blob, GuideMLing it (without any change in appearance) and adding '- (UG)' to the title. The text is the same.

I want this to run tommorow, or we won't have anything for tommorow, so get back to me ASAP smiley - smiley

smiley - blacksheep

Last minute polisher visit

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Hi Jodan,

This ASAP enough? smiley - winkeye
Looks good. If I'm required to say yes, I say yes.

The only change from what I first posted is the Towers-imposed one, the 'f*****g' with all but first and last letters starred. I know you can't restore the original, so I won't ask.

This one is maybe my best piece here in hootoo, certainly among the favourites. I'm proud that it's considered good enough for the UG. Thanks to you all.

Pinsmiley - smiley

Last minute polisher visit

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Oh, right, I remember reading that. It slipped my mind smiley - ok

Thanks very much Pin. I was in a bit of a panic to get two entries ready for tommorow. I had to polish two entries (the other being by boots) very quickly! Of course, yours wasn't much work, you perfectionist, you! smiley - winkeye

smiley - cheers

smiley - blacksheep

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Last minute polisher visit

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