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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

smiley - ghost I'm putting together an online magazine. It's non profit, free to the public, and will feature fiction, nonfiction, poetry and perhaps, reviews. Would you like to contribute?

I would have loved to have published Embers, but am not sure about the copyrights to it, since it is in the post.

Comedy, drama, non-fiction, submit anything you like. Works over 3,000 may be parted out, if the work allows it and with the author's approval.

It's still in the planning stage. Authors are given limited exposure and will hopefully, garner comments and critiques on their work by other submitting authors. Since this is published online, any work appearing in it will lose its first publication in North America copyright, but all rights after that revert to the authors.

I do ask that any author whose work is accepted take the time to read and comment on at least two other pieces.

Send reply to [email protected] We are hoping to get out the first edition by mid Dec.


Ex Rambling.

submission requested

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Hi Ex-R!
Hope you're well - long time, no proverbial.
Yes, I'd be delighted if you used Embers. I don't think the Post using it has any copyright ramifications, at least nothing beyond those resulting from a posting in h2g2 in the first place. Whatever they are. (I don't set a lot of store by copyright, not for something I wrote myself. It's my gift. It must be, yeah?)
Embers is even more a disturbing piece now. It has a context I never really foresaw.
If you do want to use it, then I'd be pleased to read the other stuff there and offer some crit. It'll be a good read, knowing you.
See you around
Pinsmiley - smiley

submission requested

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

smiley - ghost Wa Hoo!! smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin Thank You!!! *Does war dance*

O.K>, how do you want to be presented as an author? Do I use the Pinniped personna, or something else?

If you don't want to bother, I can glean a short boi off of your u page. smiley - winkeye

My e mail is

[email protected] (for the mag) or

[email protected] (personal)

send me a note, and a short bio on whoever you want the readers to get to know.

Thanks! *floats off to update her mag*

submission requested

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

smiley - biggrin Hope you like it.

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