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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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Thanks GBsmiley - hug

I know I'm a square peg in some ways, but hopefully people see I care about h2g2.

Best thing about this place is that there are a lot of different viewpoints, and thoughtful commitment behind so many of them.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

You're welcome. I like square pegs, I'm one myself!smiley - biggrin

smiley - grovelplease don't withdraw your entries from h2g2. Think of future generations who'd miss your insightful words and stories. That's why I write, apart from the pleasure *I* personally get, I feel like I'm giving something back to the smiley - earth for my time here. I wish there'd been a Guide like this when I was at school, learning would have been so much more fun!

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I certainly wouldn't ever withdraw them from h2g2. Whether I want them in the Edited Guide is another matter (though of course the only ones it's in my power to delete are the ones NOT in the EG, UG or Post), so it's all just bluster back there.

I admit, now that I've calmed down, that I was a bit flamey in PR. I haven't quite subsided to apology level yet, though. There's inconsistency in the editorial policy, and that annoys me. Sometimes we're given a lot of rope, and sometimes we're not. It seems arbitrary. It seems like it all comes down to what kind of day the slants are having.

If Jims had just said that politically-contentious modern subjects need an exceptionally careful treatment, I could accept that. I could accept it as the one intelligent premise that disqualifies the Entry, but he didn't say that, and moreover he didn't give any hint that he'd thought it out in those terms. More than any personal slight, that upsets me, because it reinforces my reluctant conclusion that he's a poor thinker, a poor journalist and a poor editor. h2g2 deserves better than that.

Talking behind his back? Yeah, OK, perhaps a bit naughty, but there's some payback in that too. He could at least have addressed me personally back there, since he knows very well how much effort I put into the piece.

Hmmmsmiley - erm. The flames still flicker, don't they? Let's leave it there...

We're all square pegs here really, don't you think? h2g2 naturally appeals to non-conformists.

I agree with you completely about schools. My daughter actually uses h2g2 for schoolwork research. She also seems to understand very readily that the site is 'mostly harmless', meaning a resource that's no more than fairly accurate, fairly comprehensive and fairly searchable. But the occasional frustrations caused by those limitations are more than outweighed by the stimulating and thought-provoking outlook, and the sheer enjoyment of discovery.

And it's all for fun, for Heaven's sake, so who would ever want for more than that?

See you around, fellow Square-Peg!

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