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Love those journal entries!

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And yes, I think I truly *am* your muse!smiley - winkeye

Like I said, I *love* your journal entries (even though I think my brain may have melted trying to get my head round the whole concept of golf courses in antarticasmiley - headhurtssmiley - silly), but I have no idea where would be an appropriate place for them.

*puts on her 'trust me, I'm an ACE' hat*

One thing I think you should really do is turn them into proper entries, by clicking on the 'create an entry' thing on your user page and then either typing them out by hand or cutting and pasting them. They'll be more permanent that way, and you can edit them and add to them at later dates. Add links to them on your user page, too, so that people can find them.

There has been talk of an alternative guide being created, for all the entries that don't quite fit in with the criteria for edited entries. I'm a bit hazy on the details right now, but if it ever comes to anything then that could be one place you could submit them.

Oh, and don't worry about them 'fitting in' anywhere, anyway. One of the loveliest things about h2g2 is that anyone can create a guide entry about anything they want, it's only things that go in 'the edited guide' that need to follow rules and stuff like that.

While I've still got my ACE hat on I may as well go through my little routine -

Welcome to h2g2! smiley - biggrin
Please feel free to check out this page of links -

Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!smiley - smiley

*takes off ACE hat*

Seriusly, I'm glad you like what you've seen of h2g2 so far, and I know it seems like a whole new world at first - it's not that long ago since I first joined, but I got the hang of everything pretty quickly, and I know you will too.(hey, if I can do it... smiley - winkeye)


Love those journal entries!

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Thanks Knitbunny!
....For the encouragement.

Oh wow - it is simply AMAZING in here!

I'll let you know when I get the place fit for another Muse visit. Till then!

Love those journal entries!

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smiley - biggrin I'll look forward to it!

Ciao for now smiley - winkeye

Love those journal entries!

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I absolutely agree with my colleague, Knitbunny. Your journal entries are zany enough to be immortalized as entries, even if they are not the 'factual' types currently being elevated to the Edited Guide.

BTW, I really enjoyed the 'wolf' entry. One of my canine companions is half wolf.. has quite the eyes.. and fangs! smiley - fullmoon

Keep on writing!


Love those journal entries!

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Hi Taliesin
...and thanks! I'm starting to feel flattered now, and I certainly do intend to keep writing.
I like the Wolf too. All of the other pieces around my Space so far were written just before posting on the spur of the moment, but I came up with the first version of the Wolf about two years ago. It's based on an acquaintance's description of something that he claimed really happened to him. I have a nagging feeling that the original (now lost) scanned better than this attempt to recall it, so I'm going to keep working at it.
I'm also going to follow up Knitbunny's suggestion of transferring these, plus a few more ideas, to Guide Entries. It doesn't matter if they'll never be edited, although I do think that the rather samey pop-ed style of much of the Edited Guide is uninteresting next to a lot of the personal contributions. It's a little sad, in a way. Douglas Adams was a brilliantly creative writer, and pretty well unclassifiable. He doesn't need a legacy that fits into neat pigeon-holes. And as for factual accuracy - that was NEVER one of the original Guide's strong points! We're not even risking Hitch-hikers' skins with our errors, so what's wrong with a little fabrication here and there? It's a fallacy to believe that people write best on subjects they know a lot about - the left brain/right brain rules apply to writing as much as to other forms of artistic activity.
Anyway, less of that tone (and to a Scout, too - sorry...)
Just now, I'm trying to tidy up my Space a bit. Mark-up languages in general are new to me, and it's clear from other Personal Spaces (including yours, which is one of the best I've yet seen, by the way) that the tags list at the Clinic must be far from complete. I've noticed ticker-tape scrolling text messages for example, and alternative fonts.
Is this all done with HTML tags? If so, how can I get a list of those?
The one I'd really like is a click-on button or graphic that dissolves to reveal a hidden message underneath. Anything like that possible in h2g2, do you know?
Probably I should be asking a Guru - can you recommend one?
Thanks once again - see you around

Love those journal entries!

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

Hi Pinniped.

I am just learning how to use the and tags myself. There is a very good website that explains HTML codes rather well. I can't put the URL in this forum but if you'll follow me to my Lab, I've got a link on there to it.

Hope that helps.

Clive smiley - biggrin

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