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The genious of Frank Zappa

I´m spending some days off, re-listening to my Fank Zappa collection,and once again gets all xited how he manage to mix music of all genres with political wievpoints, satire, social criticism and above all humor.Not to mention the Conceptual Continuity Clues in his work.Unfortunately not many people outside USA/Canada appreciate this genious.If they know of FZ they know Bobby Brown and that`s it, so should anyone here want to discuss the work of this mordern day composer I would be enthusiastic about having a conversation going here.smiley - smiley

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Starting this thing.

Ok busy week and with everything that happened in the USA I got into this chatforum.I will now try to become a regular user and contributor to this site.Might work might not, so far it seems interesting and intelligent not to say humorous, unlike many other places in Cyber.Although It seem a pity that there´s not a live chat(or could it b i haven´t found it yet?).Well tired and looking forward to another day of hard work I´ll call this a testentry.

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