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Hello Dove ...

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Welcome to h2g2 - I think that you sound strangely interesting (or interestingly strange) enough to fit in beautifully here smiley - laugh

My name is Feisor and I too am an ACE (Assistant Community Editor) here at h2g2.

I know that you've already been welcomed but I just thought that I would pop in and leave you some links that you might find informative. smiley - smiley
You can leave a message on my space just by clicking on my name at the top of this message or by hitting the reply button below - it won't hit back (usually).

The "Italics" (they are the people who run this place - so-called because their names are displayed in bold italics - God Bless 'Em) have left a message for newcomers at
it's got a lot of the basic background and how-tos that you will need - a good place to start

If you want to explore try Sheas List of links

Jeffs Welcome Page

Both are great places to begin your journey .

And finally, the editors of our own newspaper The H2G2 Post have made up a page of links - you can find it at and then you can read The Post smiley - laugh

Well - that should keep you busy for a while smiley - biggrin I am sure that you will love this community as much as we do smiley - biggrin There's lots of things to see, clubs to join and people to meet - please don't be shy - just jump right in - this is a friendly place. But be careful - it can become quite addictive - believe me I know smiley - laugh

smiley - cheers

Have fun!!!
and above all DON'T PANIC!!!


Hello Dove ...

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thank you very much for your help. smiley - coffee
as we speak I am checking how to use the lovely smileys and other stuff like this one smiley - stiffdrink or this one smiley - hsif

hoped it worked.

q: is there a list of all weird clubs and other society stuff around here.
I already been to the beachand some restaurants in here and i noticed the cats and dogs fight.
obviously there's more in here.


Hello Dove ...

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

There used to be a list of clubs but the researcher who compiled it removed it - I believe that there is another one under construction but not up and operating yet. You could use the search window or just browse around and check the links on peoples pages - for instance, I'm a member of The Procrastinators and there's a link from my page.

I suppose it just depends what sort of club you're after smiley - laugh
I believe that Foxy Manor is a raunchy place to visit or you could try the Pirate Ship. Most of the places I like I have stumbled on by accident smiley - biggrin

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