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Just thought i'd resurect this thread after reading your post in "What's Wrong With Americans" where you said:

'We know very little about other peoples' and with this 'war on terror', I find I just do not know what to believe! From our (non-American) point of view, it seems Americans know little or nothing about the world outside the U.S.A., and that may be true of many Americans, (though not the ones on h2g2, of course..)'

With this in mind i wondered if youd be interested in a copy of an article i stubled accross the other day, published in 1996, in an American underground book "Wake Up" that details US involvement in various countries at the (then) current time. The pages on Afganistan, the funding of the war there for decades and the US / CIA's establishment of a new government called Taliban - who (this book claims) could prove to be an oppressive religious dictatorship. All this at a time when there was no news there. Amongst a few hundred pages of other info on other countries. Anonymous as it is it's presented without spin and gives a nice clear (if anti-interventionist) view of the history. I could mail you a copy in acrobat or the text in an e-mail if you're interested.

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Return of a long dead thread...

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