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143 - I Love You

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GrumpyAlembic {Keeper of 143, comfort zones and vacillations }

Thanks for the feedback, I'll get to work on it.

GML - no experience, nor of any mark up language. I have a XML book, bought it yesterday. Unfortunately it seems to be aimed at those with some knowledge of HTML. Any help gratefully received.

H2g2 - best thing I've found outside of ........!!!smiley - choc?smiley - ale?smiley - hug?

143 - I Love You

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

No worries GA. Your entry has the potential to be a really good one.smiley - ok

GuideML - have a look here A395552 - I think in my first entries, I didn't need any more than there is in this. If you're feeling more ambitious have a look here <./>GuideML-Clinic</.> It's generally straitforward. The main thing is remember to close what you open, eg at the beginning of a paragraph needs </P to close it. It shouts at you if you don't do it and won't let you make mistakes, although it is up to you to work out what you did wrong. When you make mistakes, as we all do, the thing is to stay calm, and work your way through it. GuideML is kind in that it tells you whereabouts you have made the mistake, so that makes it easier to correct.

Have fun experimenting.smiley - smiley It's great learning new stuff. I knew nothing at all when I started doing entries.

smiley - fishsmiley - musicalnote

143 - I Love You

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GrumpyAlembic {Keeper of 143, comfort zones and vacillations }

Tasmiley - cheers

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