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Mrs Zen

Hi Danny,

I'd really like to include one of the SEx Entries in the collection because I think it's a really good example of quality stuff outside the Edited Guide.

The problem is permissions....

Amy the Paper Lady is doing an amazing job collecting permissions from people, but it would be useful if you could recommend one or two of the entries which only quote researchers who've been around this year, so she can contact them and ask their permission to quote them.

Any thoughts on which one(s) would be best, given those constraints?



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Danny B

Hi Ben

Of mine, I think your best bets would be:

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (A14136239)
Quotes: Gnomon, Toybox, Gosho, TriG and Skankyrich, Potholer.

It's Blood, Jim, But Not As We Know It (A17729878)
Quotes: SoRB (currently posting as Twaggers, I think...), Orcus, Gnomon, 2legs, Mu Beta and Pedro.

All of these have posted this week (mostly today!) except for Pedro (U624130), who posted a week ago, and Potholer (U92580), who last posted in February.

The other SEx Education articles of mine quote people who haven't posted for a year or more smiley - sadface

smiley - biro

Of Rich's two:

Debating With Creationists (A41674395) quotes lots of people who are still around, except for BouncyBitInTheMiddle (January 2010)

Infinite Boundaries (A17948848) quotes several researchers who haven't posted for more than a year.

I hope that helps..!

Thanks for looking at these Entries - I'm flattered smiley - smiley


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Mrs Zen

I think the first two are probably the best bet unless we can track down Bouncy.

I'll give Potholer a week or so, but we may have to go with something else or cut out his contribution if he doesn't un-Evis soon...

Thanks Danny


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Mrs Zen

You do one thing well, and you get asked to do more.... :-) Do you have any spare time? I use the word "spare" loosely.... We could do with someone going through the Engaging the Community and Enaging the Rest of the Web threads and sorting out what's been agreed and what's still being debated in the following topics 1) Recruiting new users - ie engaging the rest of the web 2) Keeping the new recruits - er... marrying the rest of the web? These two could be one topic, I guess, though the first is about publicity and the second is about stickiness. 3) Keeping the current community engaged (the hardest of all!) We don't need much on each, two or three paragraphs, a page of A4 each tops. We don't need to credit individual users with ideas - it's not a precis of the thread per se, it's the next level up: it's a summary of the sitegeist, no User Numbers, no pack drill! The key thing is to capture what we've already agreed on (bullets are good) and identify what's still up for discussion with maybe a couple of one-liners on the discussion points themselves. If you want an example of what I am looking for, then the Categories section in the Great Big Document is one I did earlier. Paul's done something slightly longer on Moderation which may need revisiting - moderation is a topic that will never go away. There's already a section on engaging the community in the GBD, but it's up for replacing. In case you don't know, the GBD is here: The main threads are: It looks a lot, but only one of them's a biggie. Ok, I lied. It's a lot. If you can that would be great, if you can't let me know and I will go and as some other poor fool / willing volunteer. Thanks Ben

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Danny B

Hi Ben,
I'm afraid you've picked the wrong time to ask me! My spare time is practically non-existent at the moment, as I'm studying for an MSc and rehearsing 2 nights/week for a play. This is (one of the reasons) why my h2g2 contributions for the past couple of years have been limited to curating very easy corrections!

smiley - sorry

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Mrs Zen

No worries, Danny. smiley - smiley It was just a thought, and I totally get that it would be a time sucker.

Thanks for the help you've already given. smiley - smiley


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