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Cats on holiday...

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Hi Danny
I just read "stretch a cat" piece, ;lovely! But seriously, all domestuck staff are entitled to annual leave. Round here, there are home visiting pet sitters. They get your cash(£10/day),your doorkey(aaaagh) and visit once or twice a day as your stand-in. They take the time to get to know kitties and might have their own sneaky ways of adminstering tablets(hidden in tasty morsels). Sadly , we are all replaceable as far as being food providers goes)
p.s. much kudos on the kitty litter solution.
pps excuse typos,using Wii gamesconsole

Cats on holiday...

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Danny B

Hi smiley - smiley

Glad you enjoyed the article! Fortunately I don't need professional cat sitters, as my ex-girlfriend is always happy to come and look after them if I need to go away (they are still, technically, her cats...)!

smiley - catsmiley - blackcat

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