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Dr. Gonzo

Yes, I could relate to that all too well, we encountered many injuries on and off stage, our singer blew his voice out during a gig 'cos he was well into the 1st song, our 2nd guitarist had to take over while he sat out, he couldn't talk properly 'til the morning after. I would've sung but as much as i'd like to, I can't.

Thanks for letting me sign up, music is such a big feature of my life and it's cool to see i'm not the only one, would you say we were musicians...or nerds? (By the way, being a nerd isn't a bad thing, I'd say i'm a nerd when it comes to guitar playing).

Thanks again!


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Danny B

No worries - I've now signed you up 'formally', as you'll see from the 'Join Here' thread smiley - smiley

As for me, I'm too much of a science nerd to really be a music nerd! On the other hand, I've been playing the guitar for over 20 years and I'm still not sure I'd class myself as a musician, so I don't know where that leaves me. A 'fumbling amateur' perhaps smiley - biggrin

By the way, there's an ongoing project at the Guild to compile some simple guitar songs for beginners - three chord wonders as it were: the Entry so far is at A3856683 and the conversation is at F53961?thread=617131

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