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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

I'm wondering if anybody really pays attention to the MuG conversations, as it doesn't seem terribly busy (but I don't feel that posting everything in AskH2G2 is really appropriate).

More constructively, is there anything that can be (or is being) done to promote the MuG presence? We know about DNA's impressive (at the time) collection of synthesizers (probably even more impressive now, what with the anorak market etc.) and his love of music (Marvin, Marvin, Ah - ah).

Sorry to lay this on you, but you've been stunningly helpful & informative so far, so have put yourself in the frame somewhat!

Right conversation?

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Danny B

You're right - the MuG isn't the busiest forum on H2G2, but certain things do get picked up on. We've put together three collaborative Entries (well, two and a half, as one's still being written) between us, which started as conversations on the MuG page:

F53961?thread=617131 & A3856683

I try to keep an eye on musical conversations and Entries and advertise them on the MuG pages, but I don't know whether anybody ever looks at them! Any conversation that is started on a MuG page I try to answer, even if I've no experience in whatever type of music is being talked about.

And, we've a steady stream of new members, but I don't know how many of them stick around.

I suppose, ultimately, the MuG is what its members make it. If you've got any ideas for ways of livening things up, let me know, or start the relevant pages/conversations threads yourself and I'll see what I can do to help smiley - ok

smiley - cheers

Right conversation?

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

I'm thinking of a couple of things, but I'm I'm pretty sure they're beyond the boundaries of what H2G2 can support (e.g. people submit tracks and people give advice about production etc. I can't see a legitimate way to do this without referencing & posting to an external site).

Right conversation?

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Danny B

You're right - there's no way of posting tracks to H2G2 other than by link to an external site smiley - sadface

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