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You wrote about Cambridge so I'll ask you...

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I'm avoiding exam-related work and researching an entry on the vans of life and death, and gardies. Any comments appreciated (especially since I haven't actually eaten anything from the van of death).

If you don't know what I'm talking about then I apologise profusely.

You wrote about Cambridge so I'll ask you...

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Danny B

Oooh, it was a long time ago smiley - yikes

Here's what I remember (but all this information is dated, at the very latest, April 2000):

Van of Life (Also known as 'Mister Burger') - generally excellent, and very popular. If you can avoid getting run over by the boy racers screaming past. Started out as a 'Van of Death'-style kebab van, but abandoned kebabs (and the infamous 'box-o-meat' - it does what it says on the tin...) to focus on burgers. Cheese, bacon and mushroom burger highly recommended!

Van of Death (aka.Uncle Frank's) - I have to confess to enjoying a sneaky 'Special Burger' (i.e. a burger with added kebab meat smiley - tongueout) there from time to time. Nowhere near as popular as Mister Burger because it looked a bit grotty. I almost got into a fight there once, because I was wearing a Yorkshire cricket top, which some charming locals assumed was a football shirt. As soon as they found out it was cricket, they got bored and wandered off...

Gardenia ('Gardies') - I don't know much about Gardies, as I was always coming from Emmanuel, so never made it past Market Square. The only time I ever ate there was very occasionally during the day; their burgers and kebabs were OK, as I remember.

What about the Chicken Satay stall at the Bus Station - is that still there?

smiley - ok

You wrote about Cambridge so I'll ask you...

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Chicken satay? Not that I'm aware. I've never heard of it, but I'm at Caius so I would never end up there really. Were you told 'don't go to death, you'll get food poisoning' or anything similar? I'm considering making up a legend about the origins of 'van of death', although it's probably just in contrast to the van of life.

You wrote about Cambridge so I'll ask you...

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Danny B

Ah, yes - if you're at Caius you probably don't have any reason at all to go to the bus station. There used to be a blue-and-white striped stall where you could get a baguette filled with marinated chicken. They also did burgers and sausages and things. Originally, the stall was on the corner of St Andrews Street and Emmanuel Street, but the bursar at Emma had the council move them on, as they were (apparently) killing the plants in Emma's front garden with their "oleaginous fumes" smiley - huh

There were many rumours about "Death Van"/Van of Death. The terms were used to refer to both vans, if I remember. They were known as Death Van long before Mister Burger started calling themselves the Van of Life (in fact, that *is* the reason why they adopted the name Van of Life)

Stop me if I'm boring you..! I don't know why I seem to know so much about Cambridge burger vans. Doesn't say much for my diet while I was there, does it...

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