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Long time, no type

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Hi Danny,

Just popped by to say hello. I've been out of the building for a while, but came back recently. Everything's still where I left it!

How are you doing?


Long time, no type

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Danny B

Hi Gubes smiley - biggrin

It's great to see you back! Things here have been plodding along. Mind you, whenever anything controversial happens I always seem to be somewhere else, so who knows what's happened on other parts of the site..! For some reason, badgers are very popular at the moment - don't ask me to explain 'cos I can't smiley - huh

Are you planning to write more Entries, or just hang out for a while?

smiley - smiley

Long time, no type

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Hmmm, well, I was thinking about writing an entry on the Great Game. However, if badgers are so popular, perhaps I should call it the Great Sett...

I do much prefer the 'writing entries' bit to the 'hanging out' bit. In fact, the second happens as a result of the first, since one is checking the site more often for replies, comments etc.

I'm still pretty busy at work, but I think that writing more consultation papers and ministerial submissions recently has revived the writer in me! It's a bit like weight-lifting; doing a few weights always makes me feel like I could run a mile (I have some friends for whom a glass of wine has the same effect).

Are you still writing at work as well as at play, or have you moved onto other things?

Long time, no type

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Danny B

The Great Game? What's all that about then..?

I'm pretty much with you on the whole writing vs. hanging out issue (although I do occasionally contribute to some of the less-inane conversations at Ask and such places). Not sure that "consultation papers and ministerial submissions" are my kind of writing though smiley - winkeye

At the moment, the only writing I do is at work, as I spend too much of my time commuting to be able to do any other sort of writing smiley - sadface Still, this will change in the hopfully-not-too-distant future...

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