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ie F52167?thread=4140566

I might be able to do something about the cataloguing issue; but note that h2g2 does already have a C-number system which ought to be adequate. Perhaps using the account's journal for announcements shadowing and drawing attention to relevant front page entries would be the approach to try.

I'm less certain about the recruiting side of things - although I *have* directed a few people towards the group over time. However, the necessary GuideML skills are definitely not a problem for me. So at the very least I could assist there.

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Danny B

Thanks for the reply - I've noticed you're one of the few (it seems) who frequent the Guild forums!

I agree about the categorisation system - perhaps the 'Directory...' could be quietly dropped! It's now pretty out of date anyway as I haven't added anything to it for a while.

Using the MuG journal for updates is a good idea as well. Perhaps a once-weekly update flagging up recent musical FP Entries, new items in PR, interesting conversations at Ask or wherever could be do-able.

Recruiting is easy - it's simply a case of saying 'Hello' in the 'Join Here' thread, pointing the newbie in the direction of the page with the badge on it, and then adding them to the membership list (of which, I'm sure, about 90% only ever make one posting on h2g2...). If we start doing updates via the journal, it might also be worth advising newbies to subscribe to the MuG main page as well.

You can email me at drb1004 at yahoo [dot] com and I can let you have the password for the MuG persona - any help would be appreciated, and maybe we can drum up a little more interest than there has been recently.

smiley - cheers

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> "of which, I'm sure, about 90% only ever make one posting on h2g2"

Perhaps, if I have the enthusiasm, it would be possible to go through the list of members and subdivide them into active and dormant, eg for the benefit of anyone trying to make contact in order to recruit band members or similar and wanting a decent chance of getting a reply from anyone whose PS they might visit.

I don't recall looking much at the "Join Here" thread. So I might have to add that to my subscription list (or at least make it a regular checking place) in case there actually is any activity on it some time when you're not on hand! smiley - biggrin

I'd probably give some thought to shifting the focus of the directory rather than dropping it completely (especially if there's any risk that old members' pages link to it). For the basics, having direct links into the categorisation system is an obvious start. But then perhaps little biography type panels of musical entries written by MuG members might look good (assuming you want to push more interactivity with PR and the EG). At one point the Community Artists had lists of works by each member but I think I was probably the last person to maintain that set of pages too.

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I may or may not have succeeded in sending you an email now. smiley - erm

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Account details received and tested OK.

Over the past couple of days, I've put quite a lot of effort into sorting out the membership list. I kept a copy of the old page contents off-line though in case you wanted it back.

Firstly, I tidied the page to use A rather than LINK tags to avoid the duplication of links down the right-hand panel which made the page longer than it needed to be for its contents. Removing the UL approach made it slightly more compact too. I haven't quite decided whether a 3rd column would be safe on most browsers.

Secondly, I've been going through every sign-up thread I could find and confirming the numbers and names against the list. I found quite a few mistakes in the numbers and names (apart from the deliberate name-changes people had made since originally joining). There were even a few people missed off the list (most of whom had left anyway though).

Thirdly, as part of checking the membership details matched I also marked which accounts were recently in used (using musical notes, which again may not show up on all browsers though). At the moment those are set to 3 months (which might be too long for people who want quick replies to any message) and 6 months (which might be too short for the people who are intermittently active rather than in G.P.). With a bit more TABLE formatting those indicators could go in front of the names (like the bullet points used to do) but I thought I'd wait to see what you thought of the idea at all.

Fourthly, it might be possible to use some sort of symbols or colours to indicate classes of instrument in case anyone is looking for a drummer or guitar players or whatever. Similarly, ages of accounts could be marked more fully if there were any use for that. I don't have any automation process for that though. Checking would have to be manual.

Next step, when I get some more enthusiasm saved up, will probably be to look at what you might want from your directory, in terms of links to existing entries. I thought I might manage to do, as a journal entry, a monthly run-down of what's new in the EG music-wise and what's lurking in PR needing comments. My FrontPage Archive work already helps with the former. Then I only have to be enthusiastic enough once a month and hopefully it won't annoy subscribed members too much.

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I've figured out why no-one responds to journal entries. Hardly anyone is signed up as a friend of the MuG - and the ones who are are generally absent from the site or not even MuG members! Newbies may not even realise the significance of the friends list. So I'm adding a note to the MuG PS introduction.

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