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Discrepancies with evolution

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Hi, just been reading an entry you edited concerning the theory of evolution. It is full of factually inaccurate statements, as has subsequently been pointed out, but should have been pretty obvious.

I don't really understand how such information gets to be presented as fact. It is not fact, and does not give a good account of either side of the argument. For example there is much to counter his thoughts on 'irreducible complexity'. His mouse catcher example - The piece of wood (if that were the first quality had by this species) may not have been to catch mce with, but had an alternative use. Once combined with other qualities it then becomes usefull as a mousetrap base.

Have I missed the point of h2g2?

To me there is already enough false information, on the internet, masquerading as fact without supposed edited entries on the BBC website feeding peolple's brains such poison.

Discrepancies with evolution

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Danny B

Ah yes... You're absolutely right, of course. The Evolution project was initiated partly to prevent a particularly nasty flame war, partly to stop Creationists clogging up Peer Review (and the rest of the site) with their nonsense, and partly to ensure that if the Creationist piece did go in, then it had a link to a detailed, point-by-point debunking of their arguments.

I know it's not an ideal situation, but if enough people post to the Entry with counter-arguments, debunkings and general exclamations of outrage, I think it does serve a purpose.

smiley - cheers

Discrepancies with evolution

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That's all good, thanks for the response. Feel better now, and might go give the article a bit of a drubbing. Peace out.

Discrepancies with evolution

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Danny B

Go for it! smiley - ok

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