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>>>Bels may have more technical information on the difference

No kidding

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Danny B

smiley - laugh

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

You say 'while' because the Bible tells you so.

English Usage in the Edited Guide
Please use while rather than whilst, as the latter is considered to be antiquated now.

I think that to quite a few non-Brits, 'whilst', 'amongst' etc just seem weird because they never use those forms.

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Obsolete? Antiquated?

This is all going too far!

If I was writing on a hip-hop-oriented message board, I might right "werd" instead of "word", or "old skool" instead of "old school", but I wouldn't write it in an entry - that's a different thing innit?

I am officially old-fashioned.

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that's "write" not "right". Or is it...?

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