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Hi Danny B. smiley - smiley

I've just seen the finished version of my Newgate entry, and I wondered if you had put the Moll Flanders credit onto the Daniel Defoe quote? I found the quote in my research, but didn't realise that it was from one of his books. What is the missing bit (that I didn't know was missing either smiley - blush).

You've done a great job. smiley - smiley

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Danny B

Hi Mina smiley - smiley

Glad you approve! (Although I figured you could just lean over and nudge Jimster and Ashley if you didn't smiley - winkeye)

The full quote from Moll Flanders (Chapter 55, apparently) is:

"the hellish noise, the roaring, swearing, and clamour, the stench and nastiness, and all the dreadful crowd of afflicting things that I saw there, joined together to make the place seem an emblem of hell itself, and a kind of an entrance into it."

Charming! smiley - smiley

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Thanks very much! How did you know it came from the book? Did you recognise it?

Newgate entry

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Danny B

Much as I would love to claim that I recognised it, I actually turned it up during a Google search smiley - smiley

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