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I read your entry on AC/DC and congratulate you on a well put together and thoughtful piece on the band, your terminolgy and script of the songs, band and meaning was excellently written.

I have followed the band since 1977, when they released "Let there be Rock" in the uk, and have never looked back since.

If you ever want to discuss the band re: anything, with me then i would be pleased to do so with a fellow supporter and fan.




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Danny B

Hi Bovril

Thanks for that - it's always nice to get feedback on my writing (especially when it's good! smiley - winkeye)

There a few AC/DC fans around the place, so we're not alone! They were the band that I interrupted my University final exams to make a 500 mile round trip to see in Newcastle (Ballbreaker tour; Brian Johnson's 'home' venue, which made it a bit special). Writing the Entries about them was a lot of fun smiley - smiley

And I see from your post to the Musicians' Guild (nice to have you on board, by the way!) that you supported AC/DC smiley - wow In 1980, I assume that was with Brian Johnson? I came to the band quite late (around the time of 'Razor's Edge', so I've always been more of a Johnson fan than a Scott fan (although I'm really more of a Malcolm/Angus fan!)

And I also see that you're a drummer. I'm a recent convert to the skins, having played guitar for the last 20 years. I'll never give up the guitar, but there's something very therapeutic about playing the drums! And it has the added bonus that no-one expects me to be any good as a drummer, so I can relax and enjoy it more than I sometimes enjoy the guitar.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough! Thanks for dropping by - always happy to chat to another musician, especially one with such excellent taste!


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Thanks, apart from when AC/DC tour, i always think that we are a dying breed as not many people really realise how long they have been going.

It would be lovely to say that my band supported AC/DC, but in fact we supported Def Leppard (who were supporting AC/DC)in Jan 1979 and that was with Bon Scott (R.I.P.), Hammy Odeon, Highway tour, we never got any further really, but Def did.

I met the band in Paris during the 'For Those' tour, and have seen them over 40 times in the UK and Europe.

Also, this might be interesting to you, i spoke to a friend that i know at Epic Records, there are pland for the boys to release a triple cd some time next year (whether its hearsay or not) that might include

CD1 : new studio material
CD2 : unreleased material
DVD/CD3 : live gig of the reopening of Hammy Apollo in 2004

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