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Justin Case

.. someone *does* take a look at the Schedule for Saturday... A1037387

to talk about musical feeling..

smiley - musicalnote

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Please stand by. We apologise for the inconvenience. Regular programming will resume shortly... smiley - smiley

We are starting to spruce the place up a bit. smiley - artist

There is now a shiny NEW h2g2Radio Bumper Sticker. Check it out at A735301 (Thanks, Abi smiley - kiss)

Some new programming is in the works. smiley - scientist

An extremely powerful, 1000 billion megawatt transmitter is ready to go online smiley - lighthouse

Hopefully this time the response will be less, smiley - erm 'underwhelming'....

The cases of smiley - bubbly are chilling...

smiley - laugh

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Relaunch of 42F.M. - H2G2 Radio

Welcome to H2G2 Radio - 42Fm

There now follows an announcement about your community radio station smiley - smiley

The station, when it started, on precisely the 11th August 2001 started off rather "sluggishly", with a slow response from a few researchers.

Later on, it received categorisation in the world of h2g2, at <./>c572</.>, and a mention at the <./>Talk</.> page, and following those events, more people knew about the station and were running on over here to help out.

We thank our now employees for their help and issue this notice to all researchers; employees of H2G2Radio and non-employees, that

o This station will relaunch in summertime 2002. Possibly May 1st as a set date. More news to follow in this journal forum.

o Ol` smiley - fullmoon Holwiin` Wolf Tal' Has been safely rescued from the handcuffs smiley - winkeye

- - The H2G2 Radio team

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The Launch is not too far away now..
Though, it was planned for Monday, it looks as though we'll have to reschedule it for saturday because otherwise it isn't fair on Taliesin, our first Host that signed up smiley - smiley

So The Launch is on Saturday, the 11th August 2001

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