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The joy of dex.

Been a couple of days since I got hold of some decks to practise on, and my brain has been filled with new possibilites of scratch. Saw for the first time the latest GAP advert today, and yes, girls who scratch must be pretty cool too methinks, if there are any - spinderella excepted of course. So if you scratch, B-boy or B-girl, leave me a message, I'll be happy to battle! Peace - VBM out.

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Latest reply: Sep 5, 2001

literally speaking of course

Hello world, I been a bit lazy of late, hence no journal since V. Since last update I have been to the eading festival, much dissapointment at the lack of books, and have been partying it up catford style. (sarf innit) Also I have new housemate - who has so far just left me lots of equipment to play on, 1210s, psx - dat sorta stuff, and no actually staying has happened! My sort of housemate. If you are reading this - go get your own life, this is mine! See yall at the restaurant, Vee Bee Emm, the baddest man in town.

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Latest reply: Sep 3, 2001

Virgin Festival, 2001.

Today it is raining, and raining hard. After looking at the web for future rain, my girl discovered that indeed it will rain. Which leads me to wondering weather festivals attract rain like a big rain magnet. Or maybe its just guitars. Ruthie has just told me that I do indeed look scouse in my festival hat, but it least it hides my damn hair. Shaving time approaches. VBM for the south east, out.

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Latest reply: Aug 19, 2001

Day one as a researcher

Today I discovered what I hd only read about before, H2G2. Already I have written my first guide piece, forgotton my user name, and started a new account. Wonder if there is a worm figuring out it was me who wrote the piece on late night tv, and changing it to my new name. Maybe oneday. For now we are the ones that make it happen, big brother may be watching, but we watch big brother.

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Latest reply: Aug 7, 2001

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